Information Technology

Business owners regularly find difficulty in setting up their systems, both for the purposes of accounting and management of their business.

For their accounting requirements, we regularly assist our clients in setting up effective management reporting and accounting systems, concentrating on the former with the latter as an effective and reliable by product.

Whether it be the setup and installation of a computerised accounting system or the solution of problems within existing systems, we have the knowledge and ability to lead our clients out of the choppy waters created by these issues into calmer waters.

Through our bank of trusted associates, we can also provide assistance with all our client’s information technology requirements, be it from networking an office, installation of hardware or the troubleshooting of operational problems. Our associates are also in a position to provide ongoing regular support to clients.
This can cover:

  • On-site assistance

  • Remote support

  • Hardware support

  • Systems support

  • Technical consultancy

  • Training programes